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Enterprise Class Service & Support

Enterprise support staff face the unique challenge of managing change, while maintaining stability. ROI Technology Inc. provides world class enterprise solutions, including high availability systems, amidst today's ever changing technological landscape. From a helpdesk to onsite support personnel, asset acquisition to dispossession, ROI Technology Inc. is has the knowledge to support businesses of any size, at any point in their IT lifecycle, and the resources to optimize and support any size supply chain; from rapidly growing startups to companies well beyond, ROI Technology Inc. will help you get the best Return On your technology Investments. 

No matter your support needs, ROI Technology Inc. can deliver the services and solutions you need to keep your staff productive; from a 24/7/365, US based helpdesk, staffed with Microsoft certified technicians, to full time onsite support staff, no matter your needs, we have the solution.

Free IT Assessment

ROI Technology Inc. is offering a free IT assessment for qualifying businesses. This includes a network topology report, IT security audit, and recommendations for changes in your infrastructure.


Support Services

Our support services are designed with you in mind; from our award winning 24/7/365 helpdesk, staffed with Microsoft certified technicians, and based right here in the US, to certified, full time, onsite staff, we're focused on providing support services that will keep business running smoothly so you can focus on what matters: growing your business. 

Already have staff in place? No problem, our co-op support program is designed to work with existing staff, providing as little or as much of our services as you need, on demand.


Infrastructure Management & design

From Bi-coastal Network Operations Centers dedicated to keeping a 24/7 watch over your systems, to the award winning Datto business disaster recovery platform, make serious downtime a distant or forgotten memory. 

Whether you need on-prem or a colo solution, 1 or 100 servers, we'll design the solution that makes the most sense for you and your business. 

BYOD (bring your own device) has become the new norm, but compromises company data every time an employee walks out of the building with an unsecured device. Let us show you how to secure against data loss with remote administration, hardware/software inventory, and lost/stolen device wipe.


Security focused

Our business is designed with your security and privacy in mind. While it wouldn't be prudent to disclose everything on our public facing website, here are a few highlights.

Our offices are decentralized, and in undisclosed locations. Our employees drive unmarked vehicles and wear normal business attire. All of our systems are encrypted and gps tracked. Client equipment marked for dispossession undergoes a level of data destruction 5x more thorough than what the DoD requires for Top Secret data destruction, or are physically destroyed.


What we do.


Helpdesk and NOC

Our 24/7/365 remote helpdesk and Network Operations Center (or NOC) are staffed by certified technicians. No foreign call centers, just friendly, knowledgeable technicians working diligently to eliminate downtime, and make sure our clients stay productive.


Onsite Support

For our larger clients, we offer dedicated onsite support specialists. These specialists are certified, knowledgeable, friendly team members, who you'll come to know and rely on. 

Asset Management

Asset management is one of the most challenging aspects of running an enterprise business, especially with multiple offices. With our Mobile Device Management, you can ensure that your data, even when stored on an employees own personal device, is safe. Other assets already present in your network are indexed, logged, and can be reported to you anytime, including software and serial numbers.


Asset Acquisition, Lifecycle, & Disposition

From software to servers, as your business grows, so do your needs. Allow us to provide your business with the critical supplies and equipment it needs to continue to function, grow, and succeed. When it comes time for equipment to be retired, we'll handle that too, ensuring all of your data is properly archived or destroyed at your discretion. 

Business Continuity

Fire, flood, failure, or forced entry, nothing can stop our business continuity solutions by Datto©. Utilizing both on-prem and cloud virtualization, your critical infrastructure is never down for more than a moment, even if completely removed from your building.   


Every client's need is unique, and most change over time. Let us work together to build the environment that works best for you and your staff; from SANs and server clusters, to hybrid cloud/on-prem environments, we'll design, deliver, and implement according to your needs in the present or future. 


Co-op Support

As an Enterprise organization, you likely already have a CTO, Sysadmins, and other support staff at your disposal; we're happy to integrate and cooperate with these critical members of your staff, providing as little or as much support as they require; often this takes the form of software/product only relationships, such as providing a remote monitoring and management suite, Datto business continuity and backup appliances, and simple helpdesk functions to ease their burden. Other times, our relationship takes a more proactive role; whatever the need, we're happy to cooperate and develop this relationship over time. 





ROI Technology Inc is committed to giving the best possible experience to every client; with that in mind, quotes may only be provided after we've had a chance to evaluate your current and future technology needs. This begins with a visit to your business, conversations with the person(s) currently responsible for managing your technology, and discussions with those responsible for making future technology decisions. 

If you're interested in taking the next step, please feel free to call, email, or fill this form out anytime. One of our talented employees will be in touch with you straight away!

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