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24/7 Helpdesk & NOC

Staffed by several small US based teams, and not some overseas call-center, our helpdesk and network operations center (or NOC for short) are available when you need them. With sliding scale pricing based on availability, ticket based issue tracking, and 30 second phone response times, help is only ever a call, click, or email away. 


24/7 Device Health Monitoring

Most modern computer operating systems give some indication of impending problems before a given device is rendered unusable. Our 24/7 NOC team can monitor your devices, and alert you to impending problems BEFORE you lose productivity. 


On-Demand Helpdesk

Who do you call when Excel won't open, Outlook keeps crashing, or you just want your printer to print landscape instead of portrait without having to change it EVERY TIME? Our helpdesk, thats who. 

With sliding scale pricing and availability up to 24/7 based on your business needs, our helpdesk team is available when you need them, for whatever you need them to do. They can even troubleshoot problems while you're away at meetings, taking a long lunch, or on vacation. 

Your staff will be more productive, and spend less time trying to fix IT problems when they can just delegate the problem to a professional. 


Patch Management

Security patches and updates are the cornerstone of modern computer and network security. They are also often so difficult to manage that many businesses choose to ignore them. Instead of putting your network at risk by ignoring your windows updates, or pulling your hair out every Saturday at 10pm trying to get that one last update to install, let our team handle this. We can even email you reports showing what was installed and what is pending.


On-Demand & After-Hours Bug Fixes & Upgrades

Sometimes you need to take your servers or computers offline to complete upgrades to line-of-business products. Instead of sitting around at your office late Friday night waiting for new software to install, our team can handle these types of tasks, even overnight or on weekends.