Business Continuity
& Cloud Backup

Click below to get in touch about business continuity solutions; from an always on internet connection to fully redundant virtualized servers, we can keep your business operational through disasters large and small. 

If your server was stolen tonight, could your business still open tomorrow morning?

It could if it was protected by a total business continuity solution from ROI Technology Inc.

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Internet Continuity

If your business struggles when the internet goes out, and you're often left wondering when your internet service provider will get things back up and running, let us help design an always-on internet connection solution that keeps your employees productive.


Cloud to Cloud Backup

More of our data than ever before is 'in the cloud' - but are you sure it's still safe? What about from malicious tampering, such as from a disgruntled employee. How about accidental deletion? Our affordable cloud to cloud backup solutions can take your O365 and Google Apps for Business data, and back it up to the Datto cloud.


Wifi Continuity

Does your office WiFi often leave you feeling confused, frustrated, or angry? It shouldn't be that way, and our solutions can help. Using state of the art mesh technology, our wireless solutions provide total coverage, monitored in the cloud, and self heal if there is a problem. Banish dead spots and connectivity problems, give us a call today.

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Business Data Continuity

Your business's data is it's second most important asset, right behind it's people. Protect your critical files and systems with a business continuity solution that can restore or virtualize any failed system in seconds. Could your continue functioning if your server was stolen tomorrow? It can if it's protected by a one of our solutions.


Managed Power

One of our newest offerings, managed power takes the guesswork out of power cycling difficult devices. This surge protector features a cloud management interface, an ethernet port, automatic meshing with our wireless access points, and a host of smart power controls. We can even setup automatic restarts of devices like cable modems or IP cameras if a domain or IP is unreachable.


Cutting Edge Features

Business thrives on growth and innovation; let us bring todays cutting edge business, internet, wifi, and power continuity solutions to your business, and ensure you're not left in the dust.