Data & Voice Cabling

Utilizing our network of vendors and subcontractors, ROI Technology Inc. provides data and voice cabling solutions to SMBs in and around the Pacific Northwest. If your office if looking to upgrade, move, or expand, give us a call today to discuss how we can help prepare the space your employees will be using for maximum productivity. 


New Office Design

Don't assume that all contractors know about low volt cabling or it's common pitfalls. Your IT guys shouldn't be fishing cable up the wall or hanging it in the drop ceiling without a license and a permit; doing so opens you up to liability and puts your business at risk. 

You need an experienced, licensed, low volt contractor to help design and install your office's network cabling. Trust ROI Technology Inc. to help design your office network, and to bring in the right contractors to do the job.



Not every office needs a hardwired solutions. Often times, there is a wireless or minimally invasive solution that costs far less than ripping open walls or drilling through fireblocks in the ceiling. 

Give us a call or click the button at the top of the page to start the discussion, and let us help find the right solution for your data or voice cabling needs.