Meet Your PCI-DSS Requirments

PCI-DSS is a set of security standards that all merchant service provider banks (Visa, MC, Amex, etc) require merchants that process credit cards to adhere to. They include, among other things, a mandatory quarterly internal and external vulnerability scan to be conducted by qualified parties. The external scan needs to be conducted by an ASV (approved scanning vendor) who then issues a certificate of attestation, stating that you passed your external vulnerability scan.

Failure to conduct a scan, including one by an approved scanning vendor (ASV), can result in steep penalties including loss of credit card processing privileges. Furthermore, a failed ASV scan can result in enhanced scrutiny, and a more difficult ASV scan in the future. 

ROI Technology Inc. can help get your network back into PCI compliant shape, and if you're network is good to go, we'll provide you the certificate of attestation you need from an ASV. 

Don't put your network, your business, or your client's data at risk any longer.

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